Born in Taiwan and currently based in Vancouver. Christine Wei’s works are inspired by natural, social and cultural landscapes. She illustrates with the hope to explore valuable discourses and tell relatable stories about journeys through everyday life with drawings she has lived.

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Select clients
This Magazine
Glass Buffalo
Event Magazine 
Scoop Magazine
Taproot Magazine
Montecristo Magazine
Room Magazine
Flow Magazine
Capilano Courier Magazine
Scotiabank Dance Centre
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
City of Vancouver
City of Richmond

Selected Press
CBC Arts 
Society of Illustrators - Illustrators 62 
American Illustration 38 
3x3 Magazine Directory No.16
3x3 Magazine Directory No.15
GiantRobot Gallery
Uppercase Magazine
Room Magazine
WOO Magazine
Ricepaper Magazine
Women Who Draw
Postcards to Alphaville

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